Stanford, CA

Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a second year Bioengineering PhD student at Stanford University. My interests are in biomedical imaging, ranging from image processing for disease diagnostics to minimally-invasive therapeutic developments. I have the intention to create - I want to make things that improve the quality of living. I find purpose in helping others, and I'd like to contribute however I can.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and playing card games. Let me know if you have any good suggestions!

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Using Tomographic Images for Internal Exposure Dose Estimates
National Institutes of Health - Nuclear Medicine
JUN 2012 - AUG 2012

I developed an image-based method to estimate radiation exposure in Positron Emission Tomography studies. My abstract received the Ten Best in Instrumentation and Data Analysis Track Award at SNMMI 2013 Annual Meeting.

Investigating the Role of Semiquinone in Complex I Function
University of Pennsylvania - Biochemistry
FEB 2011 - JUN 2013

I analyzed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance data to study the role of semiquinone in complex I function. After creating MATLAB graphical user interfaces, I reduced analysis time from the order of weeks to minutes.

Manipulating Optineuron Expression Levels in Cells
National Institutes of Health - Immunology
JUN 2010 - AUG 2010

I constructed a series of vectors for expression of protein- and affinity-tagged optineurin. In addition, I manipulated optineurin levels in cells to determine its roles in the NF-κB and IRF-3 pathways.

Global Biomedical Service
Chinese Students Association
Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
Cross Country & Track
Boy Scouts of America

Team Member
FEB 2012 - JUN 2012

I was one of 12 Penn undergraduates selected for the Global Biomedical Service program, a clinical service trip to rural China. For two weeks, I worked on a seven-person team to build orthotics for children with cerebral palsy.

Vice President
DEC 2009 - MAY 2013

I supervised the organization's operations and worked closely with board members to host our annual Rose Sale and Dumpling Fest events. Here is a picture of us at Mid-Autumn Festival 2012.

SEP 2010 - MAY 2013

I volunteered for many community service opportunities in the Greater Philadelphia region. My favorite experiences were serving food in local soup kitchens and course marshalling for road races.

Team Captain (XC, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track)
SEP 2005 - MAY 2009

My main events were the 5K for cross country, 600m & 1000m for indoor track, and 800m & 1 mile for outdoor track. This is a picture of us at the 2009 National Scholastic Indoor Championship in New York City.

Eagle Scout
SEP 2005 - MAY 2009

I was in the Panic! patrol of Troop 119 in the Boston Minuteman Council. For my Eagle project, I converted a steep and dangerous hillside shortcut into a path with a set of stairs.

Bananagrams Tile Extraction and Letter Recognition for Rapid Word Suggestion
Steve Leung, Steffi Perkins, Colleen Rhoades
FEB 2014 - MAR 2014

We created an Android application able to recognize lettered tiles from a captured image and suggest a list of words to the user.

Finger Flexion Prediction Using Intracranial EEG
Steve Leung, Julie Xu
JAN 2013 - MAY 2013

We created an algorithm able to predict finger flexion from electrocorticography recordings with a correlation r value of 0.455. The algorithm utilized feature extraction, linear regression, and post-processing.

Steve Leung, Dawen Shen
SEP 2012 - DEC 2012

We created a watch prototype able to remind patients to perform specific tasks, store patient information, and transmit patient data wirelessly to the patient's physician. The MedWatch comes with bedtime and panic modes.

Eagle Scout Project
JUN 2008 - OCT 2008

I converted a steep and dangerous hillside shortcut into a path with a set of stairs. It was necessary for the safety of the community. I prepared a project proposal and gained approval from two different town departments by presenting at a public meeting. Over the next few months, I managed 35 volunteers who contributed over 400 person hours to complete the project.

Hoover Tower by Jawed Karim from Wikimedia Commons
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