Hi, I'm

Steve Leung

I’m a software and algorithms engineer working in the field of ultrasound. I received my PhD from Stanford, where I researched ways to improve focused ultrasound-based non-invasive brain surgeries. I strive to create quality-of-life changing products, and I care about how my work can help others achieve the things they care about.

More about me


During my PhD, I worked with focused ultrasound, a technology used to perform non-invasive brain surgery in humans. I've also performed research in neurosurgery and nuclear medicine.

Focused ultrasound

Improving noninvasive brain surgery

Noninvasive brain surgery using focused ultrasound is already being performed in hospitals, though targeting structures inside the brain can still be improved. Using the rapid beam simulation framework I previously developed, I showed that the technique provides great promise for improving treatment outcomes

Focused ultrasound

A rapid beam simulation framework

Focused ultrasound is used in noninvasive brain surgery to heat up and destroy brain tissue. Before doing irreversible damage, the surgeon would like to know where the focal spot is. I've developed a simulation framework that predicts where the focal spot will be and how hot it will be, with the potential to be used in real-time during treatments


Understanding complications of laser thermal therapy

Laser interstitial thermal therapy is a minimally invasive therapy for treating medication-resistant epilepsy. There have been several cases of adverse complications due to this therapy, and in this work we investigated the likely causes of these complications


I've worked on side projects ranging from data science to shirt art design

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Shirt art design

Using bleach as a medium

This project started as an artistic outlet and a way to create personalized gifts for friends. It was quickly infused with engineering and automation to allow me to spend more time on the parts I enjoyed. I create all the designs myself and hand-print them on shirts using bleach

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Computational art

Drawing with Fourier series

An artistic outlet where I use math to create animated art. Any 2D line art can be represented as a Fourier series, which can then be visualized using a series of lines rotating at different frequencies. Add all the lines end to end and the resulting art piece can be traced out!

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Data science

Who's the asshole?

People post on reddit r/AmItheAsshole to ask the internet a simple question - are they being assholes? However, self-perspective bias often confounds the final result. This project seeks to determine readers' collective judgement by providing additional context

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