Hi, I'm

Steve Leung

I'm a PhD candidate with experience in focused ultrasound, medical imaging, and image processing. I enjoy working on projects that have the potential to change the way we do things.

More about me


I currently work with focused ultrasound, a technology used to perform non-invasive brain surgery in humans. I also have experience in medical imaging, image processing, and nuclear medicine.

Focused ultrasound

A rapid beam simulation framework

Focused ultrasound is used in noninvasive brain surgery to heat up and destroy brain tissue. Before doing irreversible damage, the surgeon would like to know where the focal spot is. I've developed a simulation framework that predicts where the focal spot will be and how hot it will be, with the potential to be used in real-time during treatments


Understanding complications of laser thermal therapy

Laser interstitial thermal therapy is a minimally invasive therapy for treating medication-resistant epilepsy. There have been several cases of adverse complications due to this therapy, and in this work we investigated the likely causes of these complications

Nuclear medicine

Individualized estimates of radiation exposure

Patients who undergo positron emission tomography imaging are exposed to ionizing radiation. However, patients' exposure to radiation is not well quantified. In a push towards personalized medicine, we performed estimations of radiation exposure on a patient-specific basis


I've worked on a number of side projects, ranging from data projects to shirt designs


Understanding the opioid epidemic

Our team of four participated in the 2018 Blueprint Datathon. We acquired and analyzed large datasets associated with opioid use and causes of death. We presented our work in a public presentation and were awarded 1st place by a panel of judges working in the field

Deep learning

Synthesizing music from musical scores

The audio representation of a performance contains substantially more information than the original score. Musicians must make decisions about tone, tempo, and dynamics based on complex relationships between the musical notes, phrases, and sections. In this project, we designed and trained a deep learning model to “play” classical piano music

Shirt design

Bleaching designs onto shirts

This project started as an artistic outlet and a way to create personalized gifts for friends. It was quickly infused with engineering and automation to allow me to spend more time on the parts I enjoyed. I create all the designs myself and hand-print them on shirts using bleach

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